Interior Design Services

Our unique approach to interior design blends creative thinking, attention to detail and is underpinned by a strong sense of Brazilian style and a deep passion for architecture.

Our projects vary from individual rooms to the refurbishment of an entire property.

We provide a range of residential and commercial interior design that are available both as online packages or  bespokely quoted interior design and implementation.

Online Interior Design Services

Whatever you live in Maine US, or Cambridge UK, there are a range of our services that are available as digital packages for simpler or tester like projects, here is a list of some of the things that we can do for you virtually:

Spatial planning/layouts

Architectural or spatial planning involves the reconfiguration of a space(s) to better fit the needs of a client.

This is translated into scaled drawings, plans and elevations.

We offer spatial planning services only for the clients that are only interested on the functionality of spaces.

Design Direction

This is the creative phase, were we brainstorm and collect all the ideas and present the inspiration boards that will give style direction and the general feel of the space.

There you will have your colour palettes and the main textures and finishes that will give “flavour” to your space.


  • Inspiration Boards
  • Colour Schemes
  • Sketches


To enable our clients to better understand the design we can create images like drawings, sketches, collages, renders, or virtual models, from cardboard models to photo-realistic digital renders and walkthroughs.

This can be especially advantageous for commercial projects or as part of a sales strategy.

Visualisations are charged in a case per case base, based on complexity.

Samples Package

This is the product list of all the furnishings and finishes for your space, it is not only pretty, but also has got all the trimmings, total costs with taxes, delivery rates and lead time.

Branding & Displays

We work with branding acceptance and direction as an essential tool on all commercial designs. This step is essential to brand coherence and a smooth transition between the graphics media and the physical realization of a shop.

Displays involves designing an attractive and effective shop frontage to catch a customer’s attention and lead them into the space.

Bespokely Quoted Services

If you live within the London-UK area, additionally to the services above there is quite a lot more that we can provide you with.

These are quoted individually based on complexity and requirements.

Interior design consultation

A consultation and house visit can help if you are looking for general guidance with a colour scheme, help choosing an appropriate piece of artwork for your room, or ideas about layout.  Our face to face consultation is charged at an hourly rate.

Site Survey

We measure and supply accurate floor plans and elevations, either manually or drawn up on-site using designated software.

Site survey is the process of measuring up your site, annotating not only dimensions, but ceiling height, windows, floor to sill to head heights, door heights, floor levels and sanitary locations, all plumbing and electrical points.

Whatever possible, we try to do the survey ourselves, but in very complex cases, we may make use of a qualified, trusted surveyor.

Tender Drawings

Detailed, to scale drawing package that contains all the necessary information for construction.

Tender drawings are the ones that will be used by the contractor to implement your design. A Tender package usually includes:

  • CAD scaled floorplans
  • Detailed elevations and facades
  • Demolition/construction annotation
  • Plumbing & electrical installations details
  • Stairs and  bathrooms sections
  • Joinery details
  • Electrical points and switches
  • Lighting plan
  • Detailed measurements and heights
  • Tiling & flooring plans

The number and necessity of each one are dependable on the complexities and scale of each individual project. They are what one would call the “boring” drawings. Nevertheless, they are essential for a smooth running design project, especially if you are completely remodelling a room. Trust me, you do not want to remember the plug for the television only after your bespoke joinery is in-situ!

Lighting design

We design effective lighting schemes that create just the right ambience for your space.

Sourcing and Implementation

We select, purchase and organise all the furnishings and finishes for your project. This keeps you timetable in check and and avoid mistakes with deliveries and receipts.

We are often able to negotiate preferential rates for you.

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On top of all of these, we still offer, home styling, facade redesign, bidding contractors, and project management services. Please give us a shout to know more.

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